Monday, September 6, 2010

A Reading Labor Day Weekend

I read two John Grisham books over the weekend. The first, "The Associate," an intriguing novel about the workings of some of the biggest firms in the U.S. Not a pretty sight. The twists and turns of the story caught my attention so much, I could hardly put the book down. A worthy read!

The second was The Summons." This is an interesting novel about the workings of families and highlighted the nuances of the practice of law in the State of Mississippi, many details of which I didn't know. Plus arson, burglary and murder to round out the law details with an unexpected ending. Also, a worthy read!

How was your weekend?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fickle Favre At It Again

The NFL reports Favre is on his way to the Twin Cities again. Glad he's Minnesota's problem and very glad the Packers have a superior quarterback in Aaron Rodgers, rather than the fickle, capricious, narcissistic prima donna like Brett Favre. Minnesota can have him. How can they plan for games without knowing who the team leader is until mid-August or later?


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Have a Pet in Your Life

During the past 41 years of our marriage, Diane and I have had six outstanding cats. Most of them were "saved," or came out of the woods at our Town of Delafield home. Each one, in his or her own way, substantially enriched our lives.

Right around Valentine's Day this year, I had a meeting at the Wisconsin Humane Society in Milwaukee where I am a volunteer. I was a few minutes early and still feeling bad about the death of our 17 year old cat, Arnie, who died of heart failure around Christmas. Any of you who have experienced a death of a trusted pet, know how hard it is to get over it.

I wandered into the Cat Condo area of the Humane Society and came across Oliver. Oliver was about six months old and surrendered by a woman who had health issues and could no longer take care of him. He picked up his right paw as to say, "Hey, you. Take me home." I fell for it and asked staff to put a "hold" on him until Diane could meet him. She came in with me the next day and then decided to go through the adoption process which was thorough and seamless. The rest is history.

He has been an outstanding pet and addition to our household. Since the death of Arnie, we thought we'd wait a year or so about getting another cat. Oliver was born a year ago today near Wautoma, WI. He was transfered from the local Humane Society to the Wisconsin Humane Society in Milwaukee where he was adopted by his first owner.

He has brought countless hours of fun, love and entertainment into our lives. He is celebrating his first birthday with us today. Nothing out of the ordinary is planned for today. Everyday is a celebration to have him in our lives.

If you don't have a pet, I'd highly recommend your get one...and the Wisconsin Humane Society is a great place to start.